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Space Farm as affiliate of space Merchant is into  large scale of keeping both the layers and the broilers birds in the poultry farm. There are about up 10,000 birds both layers and broilers, and we produced up to 8,000 eggs per day. 

Space Farm has up to 5000 goats both female and male goats. We produced up to 500kg of goat meat ,and supply to our customers nationwide

Our Cattle farm has yielded so much growth in the recent time. We have successfully produced and supply beef to our customers nationwide. Apart from production of beef for local consumption, we also sell cows to individual and groups for their parties, ceremonies of various kind .

Space Logistics is an affiliate of Space Merchant. As a fully registered Logistics company, we do general delivery of all kinds of items, ranging from food, parcels, pharmaceuticals etc.


We rendered secured and reliable services in our delivery. Our Motorbike has an inbuilt sensor security tracker that enable the Riders to navigate and access all routes,avoiding every danger that may endanger delivery.

Our Riders are staged strategically at every location in Lagos and Abuja. With our Hi-Tech web app. the app enhances effective and timely delivery to all order placed via our mobile platform.

Our hire purchaseoffer is for all eligible or potential riders within Lagos and Abuja. We give out a brand new motorbike to all qualify men and women that has developed a career in Dispatch Rider 

Requirements :Must be up to 22 years and above, have knowledge of Riding a motorbike(atleast for 6 months),own any of the National Identity Cards, Has Rider Permit and other relevant document per Lagos State Govt requirement or Abuja, & a good smart phone.

Procedure: Fill our online form,provide all required information on APPLICANT FORM,PARENT/GUIDIANCE FORM and NEX’S OF KIN. Also upload all required documents and submit them. Our sale department will go through your details and contact all qualified applicants for one on one screening and official handover of Space Logistics Brand New Motorbike to applicants.

Payment: First installment of N25,000 paid to the company account .After collection of the motorbike, Weekly payment of N25,000 payable to the company account for a period of one year and two months.


All successful applicant must signed and agreed with the Space Logistic Term and Conditions in line with Law that governed the relationship between the Rider and the company policy as prescribed in the Nigeria’s constitution.

Rider that fails to comply or remit the due amount to the company’s account in time or omit the period, will be sanctioned according or possibly retrieval of motorbike from the Rider. Rider must report to Space Logistics and received approval officially incase of any situation where He or She will not be able to make payment as in when due. This must come a document/s to back up any claim or excuse given by the Rider.


Space Merchant gives you a life of your dream as you meet up with our payment plan. Work for yourself and earned more than a salary.